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Our coalition is made up of individuals, families, clubs, organizations, businesses and government entities that want to show their support for this important project.

WMRTS contributions are used to publish and distribute promotional materials and create and maintain our website. In addition, WMRTS funds are used for various aspects of the preliminary process of assessing the overall rail trail project.

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Your generous gift to the WMRTS will help to:

  • Create what is arguably the most exciting 14 miles of rail trails in the eastern United States.

  • Provide access to some of the most awe-inspiring views in the Appalachians. Views that will refresh the spirit for generations to come.

  • Bring awareness of and protection to: the unique trees, flowers, wildlife and water resources of the upper Potomac River.

  • Showcase and preserve the history of the area: pre-history, Indian settlements, French and Indian War, George Washington’s dream of a gateway to the west, early 20th century industry and development.

  • Showcase and preserve the evidence of the great push westward by the giants of transportation, and help maintain the integrity and romance of the former Western Maryland Railway.

  • Bring increased tourism and needed economic development potential to this part of Western Maryland and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

  • Promote physical and spiritual fitness.

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